11 Gifts We Don’t Want From Our Secret Santa This Christmas

11 Gifts We Don’t Want From Our Secret Santa This Christmas

It's that time of the year when it’s red, white and green all around with fairy lights and everything feels good. Christmas is a perfect time for rum cakes, gifts, carols and spreading warmth and cheer in this cold weather. 

Spreading this joy is a job best done with a gift from Santa Claus, and the office ‘secret Santa’ sure helps keep the Christmas spirit alive! 

However, when you get the same Christmas mug each year, it can be quite a boring gift. Here's a list to keep in mind the next time you play 'secret Santa'.

1. The ubiquitous pendrive.

Please stop passing on ‘office se mile hui’ pendrive.


2. Empty photo frames.

If you want to gift one of these, please make sure there is a good picture in the frame.


3. A desk calendar.

Why would you need another calendar, when you have it on your phone and laptop! 


4. Cash.

This clearly says that you couldn't care less. How about a little more effort in the gifts, please?


5. A Christmas-themed sweater.

Chances are no one will ever wear these in public! A basic black sweater is a safer bet.



This tells the person, "Hey! You stink!" So much for spreading cheer.


7. Mugs.

These are duds. Please don't gift these, everyone has enough!


8. Greeting cards.

When a simple text can do, why waste money on saying the same thing, on paper?


9. Flowers.

They are expensive and don't last for over a day.


10. A ridiculous souvenir.

Please make sure your souvenir has meaning. No one wants to have another 'dancing couple' in their house.  


11. Socks.

 It may seem like a functional gift for winter, but socks are clearly a lazy option.  

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