In Bengaluru CAA Protests, Women Formed A Circle Around Men To Protect Them From Police

In Bengaluru CAA Protests, Women Formed A Circle Around Men To Protect Them From Police

In the protests against the Citizenship Bill across cities in India, women have been leading the charge in a way never seen before. 

From housewives to students to women from conservative households, each and everyone is out on the streets to raise their voices against the act. 

Source: Deepten Sarkar

One of the most striking images that came out from the protests that took place in Bengaluru city on December 20th, is of women forming a circle around men to protect them from cops. 

The picture posted on Facebook by a user named Shubam Negi challenges the stereotypes of women being vulnerable sex in the best way possible. 

The picture shows women forming a ring around men by holding hands while shouting slogans against the CAA.  

The Facebook post reads, 'I was at a Student-led protest in Bangalore today and despite the risk of life and being arrested, a lot of people turned up. (Section 144 is imposed here.) But the most empowering part of the protest was not that. It was the women.'

  Source: Deepten Sarkar  

In the post, Negi goes to state a rule about how women are not allowed to be arrested after sunset and before sunrise. 

'You know how women can't be arrested before sunrise and after sunset? THAT was the safety measure today.'

He goes on to say, 'While mainstream Bollywood is busy objectifying women in movies, real women are busy saving men on the streets.'

Ever since the crackdown in Jamia campus by the Delhi police, women across the country have taken to the streets and spoken up against the government without mincing their words. 

Among the most striking images of the CAA protests was one of three young women pointing fingers in the air and shouting slogans from the top of a wall outside the Jamia campus last week, with a throng of protesters around them. And another one was of video (above) of a group of women furiously chasing away Delhi Police officials and protecting the men.

These powerful pictures of women leading on protests will go down in history as some of our nation's biggest moments yet.

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